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Aloephyll (Aloe Vera and Chlorophyll)
Aloephyll (Aloe Vera and Chlorophyll)
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Support your digestive system naturally


An excellent combination Aloe (Aloe Vera) and chlorophyll, a mixture of two of the most important products that nature has created.

Aloe Vera is a drinkable aloe extract that can be consumed pure or in juices, anytime. The benefits of aloe throughout the digestive system are innumerable, but the results for acidity, gastritis and colon problems are unmatched.

Chlorophyll has a high deodorizing activity. Very useful to combat the problems of bad breath caused by smoking, alcohol and food, helps eliminate odors caused by perspiration. It nourishes and strengthens circulation and digestion


For its ingredients:

• Very useful to combat the problems caused by smoking, alcohol and food.

• Helps eliminate odors caused by perspiration.

• Nourishes and strengthens the circulatory system and intestinal. Increased red blood cell production.

• It is effective in reducing urinary and fecal odor, sometimes helps relieve constipation.

• Detoxifies the liver and pancreas to improve its performance.


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